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Important Events

Season Start- May 2

  • Arrive at Pioneer fields dressed and ready to play 5 minutes before the starting time for your age group ( U4 ansd U6 - 4:15, U8 and U10 -  5:15)

    • You should have on a t-shirt and shorts (long sleeves and/or pants if it’s cold – toque and/or mittens if it’s really cold!), shin pads covered by socks, and soccer cleats or non-slip runners

    • Long hair should be pulled back off the face

    • No jewelry or other potentially hazardous accessories (exceptions for medically required items)

    • Bring water!

  • At session starting time, U4, U8 and U12 players and coaches/volunteers gather in the center circle of the Centre field

  • At session starting time, U6 and U10 players and coaches/volunteers gather in the center circle of the North field

  • Coordinators will:

    • Hand out the evenings’ activity sheets to coaches – coaches and helpers set up stations

    • Run a large group warm up (run around with balls, little tricks, etc.; sometimes structured, sometimes free)

    • Gather group, stretch and discuss session topic

    • Line up station volunteers and split the players into working groups behind each station coach

  • Parents volunteered as coaches are expected to act as coordinators each evening

  • Parents volunteered as coaches and assistant coaches are expected to coach a station each evening

  • Parents volunteered to set up nets are expected to set up / tear down and help run stations each evening


CASA Technical Training for U12 and U14 Players and Coaches

6:30 PM, May 16,2017

Pioneer Fields

David McCarthy, Technical Director of CASA, will be working with our U12 and U14 players to teach fundamental soccer skills.  This is a great night for players to enhance their skills , but just  as important,  it is an extremely valuable night for coaches.  Dave can show you ways to run a successful and developmental practice.  All U12 and U14 Players and Coaches are encouraged to attend. 


World Cup Soccer Day

May 27, 2017

Pioneer Fields

A day of soccer for all RKS players. Book your day off work now.